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We need to assemble a multitude of wise voices to speak out and peacefully initiate action to diminish the expressions of hatred and hostility now threatening to destroy our democracy.

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Ronald Alexander

“Having wise intention is more than merely ethical; it’s necessary for psychological well-being and clear thinking.”

Jack Kornfield

“For as long as Earth and sky endure, may I assist until all living beings are awakened.”

Rick HAnsen

“Do what you can to protect yourself from hurtful words from others. Prevent them in the first place, if possible, by “talking about talking” 

Louis D. Brandeis

“If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”

We Have The Power To Protect Our Future, Using Non-Violent Speech

Witnessing the unrestrained assaults; intentional acts that the First Amendment’s provision for Free Speech is powerless to prevent, we propose the creation of a non-statutory, ethical, and moral code of conduct of how we need to communicate with each other especially when it comes to politics or religious beliefs. As a nation, we must change our manner of communicating, whether it be spoken or written, if we are to cool down the heated rhetoric that could prove to be fatal to our democracy.

We adapted the term, Wise Speech, from the Buddhist’s Eightfold Path term, Right Speech”.

Wise Speech Meets The Holidays!

The Wise Speech Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation Details

The Wise Speech Foundation 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation Details

Your Wise Speech Charity.The Wise Speech Foundation was created as a not-for-profit corporation on September 14. 2022. To view the Colorado Secretary of State's certifying document, click on this link.How You Can Get Involved Call (970) 222-2867 to VolunteerOr Contact...

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Wise Speech Initiatives

The Wise Speech Foundation Task: Oath Keeping

The Wise Speech Foundation Task: Oath Keeping

The WSF Task: (Oath Keeping)We turn your dream to reality and we’ll never stop until you're satisfied with the result.The True Civic DutyVitae consequat augue. Vivamus eget dolor vel quam condimentum sodales in bibendum odio urna sit amet. Luctus lectus non quisque...

Wise Speech Needs You

Wise Speech Needs You

December Wise Speech UpdateChristian Hageseth Speaks to Open Minds Together, as the Wise Speech Foundation, we stand to become a peaceful world mediator. By creating a central hub to aggregate half a century of Western evolution, on top of Eastern traditional  right...

Wise Gen Z & Millennials to Take The Lead

Wise Gen Z & Millennials to Take The Lead

Wise Gen Z & Millennials FTWWise Speech Need Young Open Minds While all generations alive today need to participate and support the WSM, our current quagmire is, in a way, similar to war itself. We will need to depend on the young to do the heavy lifting. There...

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Non-Violent Communication FTW 

Staggering social challenges are arising throughout the country, on the daily. The youth of tomorrow is dangling from a teeter totter, weighted down by a new form of violence, and they need to be rescued peacefully, before the aggression skyrockets any further.

As a paradoxical cultural tension boils away with the plunge to decay of the industrial revolution,  AI begins to bloom and has a massive impact on all aspects of humanity, including social interactivity.   We must find a way to evolve together nationally, so that we can adapt to the rapid shift of communications tech and create civil awareness among our peoples, that will preserve our culture and escape the loss of generations of progress.

Founding THE Sage Talk App

Establishing a social platform intended to express the diverse awareness of individuals, while mitigating peaceful talks and spreading actionable causes to encourage NVC Wise Speech throughout America.

Wise Speech Movement

Join the non-violent communication army, preserve our democratic rights to pursue happiness and peacefully unite our country with wise speech to save America.

Wise Authors

Discover the wisdom in America to preserve a peaceful democracy.

Wise Speech Oath

Take a stand for peace by making the Wise Speech Oath!

Sustainable USA

Wise Speech Foundation stands for peace in all communities.

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$1,200 Raised

Wise Speech Sage Talks

to Found USA Peace App

As we prepare for fast paced change the Wise Speech Foundation is turning a new leaf, pioneering peace with a critical community necessity. As the future brings new social challenges, we must gain more flexibility in order grow together as a culture. We are working around the clock to sew the seeds by supporting the non-violent communication revolution (NVCR) with a brand new USA Peace Talks App.

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New Wise Speech App Conference

We’re launching a new website over the holidays, and for our new years resolution we are creating a Wise Speech App to promote non-violent communication.   More Details



Seeding Wise Speech (Live Interview)

Join published author and tv host Christian Hageseth to learn more about spreading wise speech across the country and promoting NVC..   More Details



Wise Speech App Launch

We are nearly ready with our new NVC app! Over the holidays we chat with early adopters to gather community feedback, then we launch our wise speech together!   More Details

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